SmallNetBuilder Review of Wi-Spy 2.4x

Tim Higgins at SmallNetBuilder just finished running the Wi-Spy 2.4x through its paces and has published his review. The review compares the Wi-Spy 2.4x against the original Wi-Spy and against the Cognio Spectrum Expert.

"Well folks, MetaGeek has done it again with Wi-Spy 2.4x. While at just shy of $400 it’s not exactly an impulse buy, it’s still thousands less than any other 2.4 GHz spectrum analyzer that you can buy…except for the original Wi-Spy, of course."

If you’re deciding which Wi-Spy is best for you, Tim has the following advice: "If you’re just doing the occasional spectrum sweep, or just curious about the 2.4 GHz airwaves around you, $200 is probably enough to spend to scratch that itch. But wireless installers on a budget and other folks who charge for their services would be better off spending the extra $200 for the extra range and, more importantly, frequency resolution of the 2.4x. As the earlier screenshots show, the difference is both clear and provides value. And don’t forget the ability to attach directional antennas!