NomadISP Teams-up with MetaGeek to Improve Wi-Fi Hotspot Reliability

We’re a big believer in partnering. It’s how we make a bigger splash in the world, without losing focus. What we do, we do well, so it’s a pleasure to find folks out there that share our appreciation for quality.

NomadISP is one such company. NomadISP manages a growing network of managed internet access points, many of which are in non-traditional locales such as RV parks, marinas, and resorts. With such a diverse (and large — some 300 locations!) portfolio of hotspots, administration can be a hassle. So it’s no surprise that they want to reduce the "headache factor" of optimizing their networks.

NomadISP’s Chief Operating Officer Cody Harris had this to say, "We’ve spent the last 4 years figuring out how to take wireless internet to destination locations, we’re very excited to now take those hotspots to a whole new level of performance and reliability with the help of partners like MetaGeek."

Wi-Spy spectrum analyzers are a natural choice for folks, like NomadISP, who appreciate value. They’re small, powerful, and easy to use. They’re exactly what wireless network installers and administrators need, at a fraction of the cost of our competitors with a comparable feature set.