Call for Recordings!

Do you own a Wi-Spy 2.4x? Have you encountered any 2.4 GHz devices that aren’t listed in the Chanalyzer 3.0 sidebar? If so this is your chance to help out the Wi-Spy community! We’re looking for recordings of as many unique 2.4 GHz devices as possible… cordless phones, security cameras, RC airplane controllers, etc.

Please send recordings to the library (just click the Library button in the Recordings sidebar in Chanalyzer 3.0) with the following characteristics:

  • 2-10 minutes
  • Note(s) describing device (make, model, etc)
  • Relatively quiet environment (so that the device signature can be clearly distinguished from the surrounding)
  • If it’s possible to change the channels on the device please do so. The more information we can gather about the device the better!

Thanks for all of your help!