Wi-Spy 2.4x Zigbee Recordings

We’ve been receiving more and more recordings every day, and you know what?  We would still love more.  In fact by sending in recordings,  you help make our software better.

Recently, friends of MetaGeek have sent in some very cool recordings of Zigbee devices they would like to see some zigbee signatures in Chanalyzer so they sent us recordings. I thought I’d share them with all of you.

Ehsan from the University of Texas posted a blog with a recording of every zigbee channel in use. It turned out to be a very nice recording. He also sent us a clean recording of a single device.

Also, our friend who submitted the French Mystery Device, sent us another recording of Zigbee device recordings:

The recording is made with the 2 modules in a master/slave pooling protocol. Both modules are on channel 22, the base station power is set on 16 dBm (still at 1.5 meter of the wi-spy) and the slave device is also set on 16 dBm power level but it is 5 meters away. We can clearly see the 2 spectra interlaced on channel 22.

If you have found anything interesting, or you need help understanding what you see, email us the recording!