Chanalyzer Lite 2 Released

MetaGeek just released the latest version of Chanalyzer Lite. Wi-Spy 2.4i owners should be very happy because this version allows users to browse historical data up to an hour long with a Wi-Spy 2.4i. There are a couple things off the top of my head that I think our Wi-Spy 2.4i customers will be pleasantly surprised by:

  • Pause, Play, Fast Forward – Chanalyzer Lite has the same instant replay capabilities as that fancy DVR in your living room
  • 802.11n Network Detection – See which nearby WLANs are capable of faster throughput rates
  • Play MetaGeek Recordings – View pre-recorded Wi-Spy recordings as a comparison tool for troubleshooting

I should mention the latest release of Chanalyzer Lite does not have the 3D view currently, but I think you’ll find the benefits of this release outweigh the benefits of the 3D view.

Chanalyzer Lite is your barebones spectrum analysis tool. If you can spare a benjamin, troubleshoot your own WLAN with a Wi-Spy 2.4i and Chanalyzer Lite. Your network will appreciate it.

Download Chanalyzer Lite for your Wi-Spy