Chanalyzer Pro and Chanalyzer 4 get new Features

New for Chanalyzer Pro is the ability to create your own device classifiers. Meaning, if you come across a device you can capture it’s signature and Chanalyzer Pro will classify it when you encounter it again. And better yet, click ‘Submit to Classifier Signature Library’ while making the classifier, and the signature will be sent to MetaGeek and added to our library of known devices. It’s a super easy process – see below!

First, click and drag to highlight the signature.

Click and drag

Next, give it a name and categorize it.

Give it a name

Then, set the confidence threshold.

Set threshold

Your Chanalyzer Pro is now equipped to classify this device – Easy!


Also, back by popular demand is the ‘Signatures Tab’ to both Chanalyzer Pro and Chanalyzer 4. This favorite introduced in Chanalyzer 3 displays signal silhouettes of common devices and allows the user to grab this signature and hover-over the density view for matching-analysis.

Other features added:

  • Multiple Wi-Spy support
  • 100+ Wi-Fi network logging capability
  • Spectrum and Wi-Fi info logging can be turned off
  • Channel-bonded 802.11n now graphically displayed
  • Preferences options have been expanded to include custom color choices for Average, Max and Current outline colors
  • Chanalyzer Pro’s Report Builder now enabled with rich text editing
  • Improved stability

As you can see, we’ve been busy. Take it for a spin!