WLAN Whitepapers

In the world of WLAN, there is no shortage of corporate talk of best practices and “our-APs-are-better-than-their-APs” sales pitches. It’s to be expected as the wireless space is becoming increasingly competitive, and you certainly can’t blame them for trying to get the word out of the crazy-cool innovations they’ve all been creating. However, in the midst of all this, a refreshing place to turn is MetaGeek friend Keith Parsons and his WLAN Professionals podcast/website. Here he shares wisdom from his extensive experience and also brings in other wireless experts to impart of their wireless savviness.

Especially valuable is the whitepapers section that is comprised largely of Keith’s own writings as well as vendor-neutral writings from the likes of Cisco and Aruba (among others). Here can be found a great resource for getting the skinny on best practices, installation tips, and Wi-Fi myths.

Check it out, read up, and bring your Wi-Fi knowledge to the next level.