Learn the Basics of Spectrum Analysis with a Free Guide

“I’m now judging people who offer me wireless services by saying, ‘So how do you do it?’ and if they don’t have a SpecAn [Spectrum Analyzer] I know they’re not very good.” –Greg Ferro on Packet Pushers Episode 39

The Chanalyzer Pro Evaluation Guide

Chanalyzer Pro is one seriously powerful piece of software. MetaGeek continues to innovate and develop new features to use in Spectrum Analysis. Here is a guide that will take you step by step through Chanalyzer Pro. If you currently own a Wi-Spy and would like to go through the steps in the evaluation guide Download a free trial of Chanalyzer Pro here. If you have already used a trial but would like to try again, talk to Bret through our online chat support.

Learn to Navigate using the Waterfall Navigation

Navigating through spectrum data allows users to pinpoint when and where problems occurred in the spectrum. Chanalyzer users can press pause similar to a DVR to examine levels of noise while the software continues to save spectrum data.

For further reading on why the Waterfall Navigation makes spectrum analysis much quicker see Time Segment Spectrum Analysis and Use Your Waterfall View to Answer Why

Build a Report

This guide helps the user visually show the noise levels from a leaky microwave oven in a distributable report format. Reports are very useful in explaining RF levels and interference to people who may not understand the finer details of spectrum analysis.

For further reading on Chanalyzer Pro’s Report Builder see Report Builder Preview and Trent’s 10 Favorite Features in Chanalyzer Pro

Learn how to Identify and Track Interference Down

The guide provides several patterns of common Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi interference. The evaluation guide discusses a few methods for tracking down a narrow band transmitter. Chanalyzer Pro has 3 great built-in tools to track down interference Current, Waterfall and Device Finder. Each of these utilities are more powerful with MetaGeek’s laptop-clipped Directional Antenna.

For further reading on device identification see Device Finder Roots out Interfering Devices and Interop Las Vegas 2010 – Metageek plays “Find the Glitch”.

Download the Evaluation Guide

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