VisiWave 3.0 now Includes an Impressive Report Builder

Here at MetaGeek we strive to use colors to visually represent data. We believe the user should always be able to fine tune the variables to highlight changes in the wireless environment. VisiWave 3.0 now includes new visual graphs. It gives the user the power necessary to quickly generate complex and professional reports.

The improved report builder navigation is more intuitive. The software offers many visual report options laid out in a natural order for Wi-Fi reports. In the image below I have begun building a report for the Interop 2010 trade show I wrote a blog post about previously.

The navigation bar on the left is where the user can tweak the settings of the report image. The main view continues to update as the settings change. I am trying to highlight the amount of Wi-Fi that is not set to channels 1, 6 and 11. I have selected all Wi-Fi SSIDs and channels 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

VisiWave is still the only tool to fully integrate Wi-Spy Spectrum Analysis. It shows noise levels as they should appear on a map. This feature is especially useful in locating constant transmitters such as wireless security cameras, motion detectors and cordless phones. VisiWave can show true RF noise and separate the display options by Wi-Fi channel allowing the user to determine which channels may experience interference and where.

This is the next step for many inSSIDer users. VisiWave works with the largest range of wireless adapters. It is also priced very competitively for the features it touts. For many professionals, site survey software must build a comprehensive report and VisiWave accomplishes this.

Read more about VisiWave here.