Chanalyzer for Mac Update

It took us two years, but we finally gave the Mac version of Chanalyzer some love. Chanalyzer for Mac now supports the latest models of Wi-Spy 2.4x, DBx and 900x and boy, does it look beautiful on one of these slim silvery MacBooks!

What’s New?

MetaGeek updated the color schemes to support Color by Density, Color by Amplitude and Color by Utilization. We really like the color by utilization and we think it will help you determine the best Wi-Fi channels for you iPad-ready WLAN.

We re-organized the menu to allow the user to quickly change the display options similar to Chanalyzer 4 or Chanalyzer Pro.

Chanalyzer works well in a Virtual Machine but when you need to scan the spectrum quickly, just open Chanalyzer for Mac and get the job done quicker!