MetaGeek, a part of the IM48 Road Trip!

Last week we had the opportunity to be part of IdeaMensch’s #IM48 Road Trip, a “road trip for people with ideas.” Four guys, led by Mario Schulzke, are spending four months traveling across America putting on events to encourage people to bring their ideas to life.

The Boise event included four speakers sharing the ups and downs and war stories of bringing their idea/company to life. Mario and crew did a great job of organizing the event and getting a group of diverse people together to share in the excitement of the event.

Although a projector with three screens was available I decided to brave it old school style without the crutch of PowerPoint slides. It was exhilarating to shut off the projector and just talk to the audience about the creation of Wi-Spy, the late nights building the first version of the software, and about the ups and downs of bootstrapping MetaGeek into a 25-person company.

If #IM48 is coming to a city near you I encourage you to attend.
The schedule is at

Thanks Mario and crew for your hard work and passion!

Ryan Woodings
Chief Geek

My interview with IdeaMensch is also on their website.