Faster Reporting with Eye P.A., Improved Exporting Features.

If you haven’t already, download the latest build of MetaGeek’s WLAN packet crunching tool – Eye P.A. You will be excited about some of the changes that MetaGeek implemented because they help you quickly identify and document common wireless problems that you were previously blind to.

Download the trial and try out the new features today.

Copy to Clipboard

Each pane in Eye P.A. can now be exported as an image or CSV data via your clipboard. The treepies and data tables in Eye P.A. will help you create compelling reports about WLAN network issues. Click on the clipboard icon at any time to capture the view wherever you are within a recording in Eye P.A.

Copy any pane in Eye P.A. to clipboard.

Time Graph

As you navigate through Eye P.A.’s Treepies, the time graph will also change to reflect the current drill-down. This is especially useful for determining exactly when a client transmitted a burst of frames.

Frame and SubFrame Filters

Quickly disable all subframe types of Management, Data or Control frames by checking the Frame Type Filter. This will help you eliminate the Management overhead, allowing you to quickly examine only the Data Frames if you prefer.

Time Delta

Evaluating how much airtime occurred between packet transmissions is now easier with a Time Delta column in the Packets View. Eye P.A. now lists the time it took between a single frame and its predecessor. The delta between 802.11 frames can indicate delays or interruptions in the conversation.

Enhance your packet analysis experience by creating direct packet capture files within Eye P.A. using an AirPcap Nx.

Thanks for checking out the new features of Eye P.A. – download the latest release today!