inSSIDer for Home Available Now!

If you have a wireless network in your house, you’ve probably experienced issues with your Wi-Fi’s performance at one time or another. The first step you can take towards fixing these problems is to look at how your signal strength and channel choices compare to the other networks around you. With inSSIDer for Home, you can do both.

network details pane includes a link score

One of the main features of inSSIDer for Home is the Link Score. This score is determined by looking at your signal strength, overlapping networks, and the number of SSIDs that share your channel. The higher your Link Score, the better your performance will be. You may have a totally different Link Score from one end of the house to the other, so make sure you walk around all of the areas you expect there to be Wi-Fi coverage.

new channel coloring scheme

inSSIDer for Home allows you to “star” your network. This will pin your network details to the right side of the screen, making tracking easier. The network colors in inSSIDer will change, making it easy to see the networks that share or overlap your channel. You’ll also see customized channel and security alerts, if inSSIDer notices you’re using settings that aren’t the best they could be.

network filtering

The filtering capabilities of inSSIDer for Home have been revamped as well! Filters are great for helping you track down potentially rogue access points (using filtering by Vendor) or checking for non-standard channel usage (by entering “2-5,7-10” in the Channels filter). From the first letter you type into the “SSID or Vendor” box, you’ll be presented with an auto-populated list of matches. This makes finding the networks you’re interested in even faster. You can also filter by signal strength, choosing to display either networks either above or below your supplied value.

inSSIDer for Home provides you with the foundation you need to make sure your personal Wi-Fi network is working as well as it can. Download inSSIDer for Home today, and let us know what you think!