Introducing inSSIDer for Office

You’ve seen how inSSIDer for Home makes troubleshooting a single Wi-Fi network easier –
but for those of you who are Wi-Fi administrators or installers, the Home version of inSSIDer isn’t quite powerful enough for your needs.

inSSIDer for Office and the brand new Wi-Spy Mini build upon the feature set in the Home version and gives you a feature-rich affordable tool that helps customize your wireless network to fit your environment.


Why inSSIDer for Office is AWESOME

  • Track and Troubleshoot up to 8 SSIDs for Multi-AP Deployments
  • Get more accurate Link Score calculations with a Wi-Spy Mini
  • Better channel placement recommendation from more accurate Link Scores
  • In-depth measurements for every Wi-Fi channel with the Channels Tab
  • Expert tips for fixing detected issues in the Analyze Tab
inSSIDer for Office includes a Wi-Spy Mini

The new Wi-Spy Mini is included with every purchase of inSSIDer for Office.

This coin-sized USB device is used to collect information about RF activity in the 2.4 GHz band. The data is then used along with readings from your Wi-Fi card to populate the table in the Channels Tab.

In the Channels Tab, you’ll be provided with measurements of how saturated a channel is by both Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi devices, along with details about surrounding networks.

Analyze Tab within inSSIDer for Office


Designed for network admins, managed services IT, and anyone who wants to take guesswork out of increasing network performance – inSSIDer for Office hits the sweet spot of price & feature set when you deal with Wi-Fi regularly.