Put a (Radio/ESSID) Ring on it!

It’s no secret. We like Radio and ESSID grouping. It’s one of the key features of inSSIDer 4, and recently showed up in Chanalyzer 5, too. So it’s only natural that we decided to take Beyonce’s advice, and put a new ring into Eye P.A.!

Radio and ESSID grouping adjusts the data tables and Treepies in Eye P.A. similarly to our other applications.

Grouping by Radio shows which SSIDs are being broadcast from which APs. The radios present in your capture are listed by their MAC addresses (unless you use a Cisco or Aruba AP, in which case you’ll see the Device Name).

Associated Data Table

ESSID grouping provides lists of networks, and adjusts the counts accordingly.

Having the inner-most ring of the Treepies in Eye P.A. reflect either Radios or ESSIDs means you gain insight into your environment even faster than before.

Here’s a .gif of how the Treepies work when grouping by Radio:


…and with ESSID grouping:


Check out the Eye P.A. page for more on optimizing your wireless networks!