Announcing inSSIDer Wi-Fi Helper!

When your sister and brother-in-law move into a new house, who do they call for help with setting up a wireless router? When your buddy has streaming issues over Wi-Fi, who’s the one that gets a text pleading for help?

More than likely that someone is you! Keep reading if you want the low-down on an awesome tool that will make you more of a tech hero than you already are.

inSSIDer Wi-Fi Helper is just that.

It tells you (or your less-than-technical relative) exactly what’s up with the network and what to do for it to run as optimally as possible. Just go to each in room in the house, select what kind of wireless activities you do there (web browsing, HD video streaming, etc), and Wi-Fi Helper will scan the Wi-Fi band for congestion from neighboring WLANs. After which, the app will plainly tell you the best channel and encryption to set your gear to to get the best performance and security.

After the channel and security have been changed, inSSIDer Wi-Fi Helper takes it a step further and gives verification regarding the different rooms that have been scanned. Just hit the button in each location and a throughput test is run (upload and download) showing you both the speed in numbers as well as a pass/fail for your desired usage. Dead simple verification.

When done, you get a tidy room-by-room summary with any observed issues that may holding your Wi-Fi back.

We all love our friends and family, we just don’t want to spend all day fixing their Wi-Fi :-). Next time send them inSSIDer Wi-Fi Helper!

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-Mark Jensen

Product Hacker