MetaGeek sponsors the first ever TEDx Boise

This coming Friday, January 16th, MetaGeek will be sponsoring and attending the first ever TEDxBoise event. If you’ve never heard of TEDx or Ted Talks then I encourage you to look them up now. TEDx is one of the most influential organizations in any industry, worldwide. Their mission is to inspire new ideas, ways of thinking, and insightful discussions through their Ted Talks and TEDx events like this one. TEDxBoise has never hosted an event before, and will be breaking the ice this Friday with nine amazing speakers from local, national and international residencies. The chosen speakers have unique, and inspiring stories to share that attendees can listen to, take from and ask questions about.

Our own MetaGeek CEO, Ryan Woodings and employees have chosen to sponsor and attend the event. Ryan hopes that employees find inspiration from the event to apply to their daily lives and work. Not only is the event going to be a lot of fun, but a partnership with TEDx and the experience hold a lot of value for MetaGeek. Ryan Woodings explains

“We believe in building the community and especially the tech community in Boise and want MetaGeek to be a part of that. Boise is growing and learning and becoming an intellectual city.”

TEDxBoise is going to have a huge impact on the Boise community as events become more regular, and MetaGeek wants to join in.

MetaGeek has utilized many Ted Talks, especially Simon Sinek’s talks on leadership. Quotes from his talks can be seen on the walls of the MetaGeek office. Clearly, the benefits of TEDxBoise to both MetaGeek and the Boise community are powerful. MetaGeek will be able to get their name out there for any potential prospects who may want to join our team. We will also be able to position ourselves as leaders of the tech community. Boise will be able to show that we are open to new ideas and knowledge and as Ryan Woodings puts it,

“We’re not just potatoes, we have a lot going on here and we are trying to learn and grow more.”

MetaGeek is also planning on sponsoring the upcoming Treefort Music Fest in downtown Boise. Other sponsors include Alaska Airlines and Boise State University. The Music Fest will be from March 25th-29th. Treefort brings art, music and attention to the heart of Boise and is a great community event for everyone.

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