We’re (still) one of the Best Places to Work in Idaho!

Best Places to Work 2017 sealStumbling across flashes of greatness can be easy with the right cocktail of luck, timing and circumstance. The difficulty, of course, is recognizing when you’ve benefited from random fortune or greatness is actually the result of successful (and replicable) actions. Waking up on third base vs. hitting a triple, as they say.

And that’s why we’re so excited to re-earn our status as one of the Best Places to Work in Idaho for 2017. And our top 10 placement (#5, to be exact), along with the fact that this is our fifth time earning a spot on this coveted list, tells us we’re definitely doing something right! This award is the result of anonymous surveys from our geeky team, serving as high praise for our thriving environment today and as a subtle reminder of future expectations. After all, awards don’t mean much if they aren’t honored by a resilient commitment to our geeks through the future.

So what does that commitment look like? Beyond the obvious perks, like…

  • Unlimited PTO
  • Six weeks of paid family leave for new parents
  • Top of market pay
  • Medical, vision and dental for employees and their families
  • Biweekly Meta Lunches with the fam
  • A rotating tap in the break room
  • A ridiculously awesome workplace in the Owyhee Building in Downtown Boise
  • A ton of other stuff worth mentioning but due to the space constraints of the Internet we can’t list here

…we also provide something we can’t buy – meaning and purpose in a career. Or at least that’s the goal (and our geeks tell us we’re doing a good job so far). Our values put it plainly.

Do stuff that matters.


And that doesn’t just mean what we make, what events we sponsor, what trade shows we attend or where we sell our products (though it includes those things, too). It’s in how we do what we do. Normal office protocol like pointless three-hour weekly status meetings, off-topic webinars that serve to fill up calendars more than to inform, endless procedures, policies and checklists in search of problems that don’t actually exist, the dreaded annual performance review … all tired cliches that have no business in good business.

If it doesn’t matter, don’t do it. Turns out, when you hire the right people, they’re pretty damn good at knowing where to invest their time and energy. And we couldn’t be more proud of the geeks who have chosen to invest their time and energy at MetaGeek.

2017 – Back in the Game!

Hi! It’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog post; it’s been too long actually. The first half of 2016 MetaGeek suffered internal growing pains typical of startups as they mature. I stepped out of the role of Product Owner to focus my attention on “CEO” stuff. We also started exploring other markets for our WiFi tools and expertise… and before I knew it a year had passed since we had released a major update to Chanalyzer, inSSIDer Office and Eye P.A. Whoops!!

So, I sat down in December with our leadership team and made a commitment that in 2017 we would focus on providing value to our primary customers through short, iterative development cycles… like we used to. We have already finished minor updates for Chanalyzer and inSSIDer Office this year. The inSSIDer Office update is experimenting with a new framework to allow us to have a beta channel that any user can opt into. This beta channel will allow us to test out new ideas and get feedback from customers faster.

Mike and Vanessa pairing on Chanalyzer

We are also redesigning MetaCare to provide more value to customers, so stay tuned for news regarding MetaCare.

I apologize for getting distracted in 2016. This year 2017 we are committed to developing awesome products that provide insight and understanding into WiFi, and improve overall network health… I think it’s going to be an awesome year!

~Ryan Woodings

Stopping the IoT Botnets

As the Internet of Things (IoT) has gained popularity and momentum with WiFi Crockpots and “smart” toothbrushes, it was only a matter of time until IoT devices were hacked… and that time has come. The recent DDoS attacks haven’t relied on hacked consumer devices though, they have been hijacking early industrial CCTV webcams and other enterprise equipment. Which means network administrators have the potential to prevent similar attacks from happening.

Security camera