Why in Tarnation is My WiFi So Slow?
Part 3: Top 10 Reasons why your WiFi has low Throughput

Welcome to blogisode # 3 in the ‘Why in Tarnation is My WiFi So Slow’ series! I have to admit, this is the blogisode I was most excited AND nervous to write. Excited because I aim to provide a picture of the main impediments that impact WiFi throughput that will also hopefully give you an overall better understanding of WiFi technology. Nervous because it is a lot of technical information that is pretty difficult to present in an understandable and concise way… Hopefully, this will be a valuable resource for you and provide you with more insight into the world of WiFi.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 reasons why your WiFi has low throughput (in no particular order) with tips on how to diagnose and fix encountered issues:

Introducing a new way to capture packets

MetaGeek is excited to announce an update to Eye P.A. that adds significant value and flexibility for our customers. Most notably, we took the end-of-life of the Riverbed AirPcap Nx as an opportunity to expand Eye P.A. to capture packets from other sources. With this update, two widely available WiFi adapters can now capture packets natively within Eye P.A. This post explains what you can expect with the new release.

The Next Chapter

Since Ryan asked me if I would take on the CEO role at MetaGeek it feels like my head hasn’t stopped spinning.  I thought it would be a good idea to collect and organize my thoughts in writing. Here is what this change means to me, and what it means for MetaGeek, our employees and our customers.