Processor Editorial on Wireless Analysis Devices

Processor recently featured an editorial on Wireless Analysis Devices.

The comprehensive growth expected in the wireless device market means that the tools needed to install, monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot wireless networks will also grow. Spectrum analysis tools will need to cover multiple wireless bands, such as Wi-Fi, WiMAX, Bluetooth, and RFID, in order to remain competitive.
Initial solutions on the market were aimed at large-scale, professional installations, as was reflected in the complexity and price. However, as multiple types of wireless technologies have become ubiquitous in the enterprise environment, in-house technicians are turning to newer and less costly solutions to meet their needs. In response, vendors are keeping up with emerging wireless technologies by integrating new features into the latest releases of their wireless analysis devices.

The editorial discusses devices from Fluke, Berkeley Varitronics, Bantam, Willtek, and of course the Wi-Spy.