inSSIDer + Chanalyzer 3.0 = Chanalyzer 3.1 Beta

When we began working on inSSIDer the goal was always to use it to improve Chanalyzer. After we completed Chanalyzer 3.0 we began working on the integration of inSSIDer with Chanalyzer and are proud to announce the first public release of Chanalyzer that displays Wi-Fi network information.

Chanalyzer 3.1 Beta can utilize your Wi-Fi radio to gather information about the neighboring Wi-Fi networks, which is then displayed in the sidebar. You can also select networks to be drawn over the top of the Topographic View, which really helps in visualizing your wireless landscape as the screenshot below shows!

At MetaGeek we really dig Wi-Fi and networking, so we’ve also been working on a TCP interface for Chanalyzer, allowing you to connect to remote Wi-Spy 2.4x. Just install our new Recon application, which is a simple Wi-Spy 2.4x data server and then connect to it remotely from anywhere with Chanalyzer 3.1 Beta.

Now, as we all know, networking doesn’t always work like it should, and every network is set up slightly different. We’ve tested these new features and feel they are robust enough for you to try out, but if by chance, something goes a little haywire, please let us know so that we can fix it!

Also, we have decided to not place any time limits on this beta, so it will continue to run forever, if you so choose (unlike the Chanalyzer 3.0 betas). Download Chanalzyer 3.1 Beta today!

Ryan, Chief Geek