New Recordings!

Thanks to everyone for sending us recordings to check out. As a Wi-Spy owner, you’ve seen some pretty odd things in the public ISM bands. Doesn’t it feel great knowing that you can see what these devices actually look like in the infisible RF space, while so many other people have no idea? Many of you have taken the time to email us a recording of these devices-so I’m sharing some with you right now.

Audio Video Transmitter

Brendan recently sent this recording into us. This A/V transmitter has 4 channels with the center frequencies of 2414MHz, 2430MHz, 2450MHz and 2466MHz. You may have noticed how one of these could be very problematic to any mission critical Wi-Fi.

Nintendo DSi Adhoc

Once again, Wi-Spy super sleuth Brendan, sent us a very clean recording of two Nintendo DSis playing against each other in a adhoc WPAN. It looks like these devices use HR/DSSS PHY to communicate to each other. Something to consider when you see a “network” but can’t find the device.

ThingMagic RFID Reader

Wi-Spy friend Graham, sent this recording in. It looks like these RFID readers are also FHSS, and spread across the entire 915MHz public ISM band. We never would have guessed what it was untiil we saw the recording. Thanks for sending this in!

Send us your recordings

Have you figured out how to track a device down? We’d love to see the odd devices that you have found with your Wi-Spy! Our Wi-Spy recording library is accessed very often by the community, so a few simple clicks could help the thousands of Wi-Spy owners all accross the globe!