Metageek Releases Chanalyzer Pro Software, the Industry’s Only Professional Spectrum Analysis Software for Windows 32, 64-Bit

MetaGeek’s new software companion to Wi-Spy, Chanalyzer Pro, includes a Wi-Fi Report Builder, Device Finder and Device Identification. Available now, Chanalyzer Pro is compatible with Wi-Spy 2.4x and the dual-band Wi-Spy DBx.

Boise, ID July 28, 2010

MetaGeek, developer of wireless network diagnostic tools, has released Chanalyzer Pro for the Wi-Spy line of USB Spectrum Analyzers. New features include Wi-Fi report generation that gives network administrators a detailed snapshot of the current interference situation-useful in both pre-deployment WLAN planning and post-deployment RF spectrum management. Chanalyzer Pro not only identifies what types of devices are interfering with your Wi-Fi networks, it also helps users track down the offending devices with its new Device Finder mode.

“Chanalyzer Pro takes your Wi-Spy and knocks it up a notch”, says Ryan Woodings, Chief Geek at MetaGeek. “We took the feedback from previous Chanalyzer versions and developed Chanalyzer Pro from the ground up into a professional, powerful and robust tool that’s just as easy to use as our other software.”

Highlighted Features

  • Report Builder: easily generates powerful reports for documenting interference problems and explaining them to non-technical decision makers. Exportable to HTML, RTF and PDF file formats.
  • Device Finder: enables the user to track down an RF transmitting device by graphing signal strength over time. This is further aided by MetaGeek’s new purpose-built Directional Antenna (available in September for $69).
  • Device Identification: identifies RF signals by device type, giving the user an idea of what kind of devices are causing interference in the vicinity.
  • Updated User Interface: new waterfall time frame playback controls allows the user to graphically navigate through collected spectrum data.

Price and Availability

Chanalyzer Pro is available now as an upgrade ($499) for current Wi-Spy 2.4x and DBx owners. It can also be purchased as part of a bundle with Wi-Spy DBx ($999) or Wi-Spy 2.4x ($599).

About MetaGeek, LLC

Based in Boise, Idaho, MetaGeek develops troubleshooting tools for wireless network administrators including the award-winning line of Wi-Spy spectrum analyzers.