20% Time at MetaGeek

Last August we started a 20% Time program similar to Google, 3M and Westinghouse*. Everyone at MetaGeek can take up to one day a week to work on projects of their own creation… and I mean everyone, not just engineering. Marketing, finance, shipping… full-time, part-time, interns… everyone.

It’s been awesome! This picture shows some of the projects that people have worked on: everything from bi-weekly company barbecues to CWNP certifications, experimental hardware, inSSIDer for Linux, YouTube videos, and new ways to visualize Wi-Spy data.

We already had a very exciting roadmap planned for the next 18 months, but every month new ideas that started out as 20% projects become integrated into the official roadmap, constantly refining and improving our products… so stay tuned as these projects mature and are publicly released.

* Although Google’s program is the most famous, 3M and Westinghouse pioneered the concept back in the 60’s.