Get Rid of Guesswork with Expert Tips in Eye P.A. (Available in Latest Update)

The latest build of Eye P.A. just hit the net today. Version 1.6 of MetaGeek’s visual packet analysis tool includes the great features Wi-Fi troubleshooters expect – interactive Treepies, time graph, and filtering engine – and a huge new enhancement you’re sure to love: the new ANALYZE tab.

EyePA now opens your .pcap file in a new way with a new progress window

One thing you’ll notice right away is the new look of the application while you’re opening a .pcap file. Now, in the lower-right hand corner, you’ll see a small window displaying your files’ progress.

After opening your packet capture file, click over to the ANALYZE tab. Clicking the Star icon next to the networks you’re interested in optimizing, you will be presented with observations and expert tips relating to your networks and their channel.

At the top of the observations, you’ll find a pie chart that displays what percentage of the recording’s airtime is taken up by your network(s), and how it compares to the amount of airtime used by other networks and the amount available as a whole.

Eye PA now has a feature that will provide Expert Tips, helping you understand what is happening on your network.  Click on the ANALYZE TAB to check it out.

Below the Air Time pie chart is the coolest part of the Analyze tab: the expert tips. When Eye P.A. processes your packet capture, it takes note of the amount of retransmissions, non-standard channels, the presence of legacy devices, and more! When you star a network for optimization, Eye P.A. will inform you of any observed issues.

If Eye P.A. finds something to tell you about, you’ll see a bold headline for the tip category along with a “Learn More” prompt that gives you some background. In addition to a general idea of the detected issue, Eye P.A. will provide you with the information you need to fix the problem– whether it’s a table of clients to examine, or a next step to take.

Download the latest Eye P.A. update today and check out the new Expert Tips.

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