Best Places to Work in Idaho 2012, 2013, 2014, and… 2015!

Most of us spend a great deal of our adult lives at work, for better or for worse. We see coworkers and bosses as much or even more than friends and family members. Yet, it’s a common, and even institutionalized attitude for Americans to accept that “work sucks, it’s just a means to an end, and we just need to deal with it.” But really, does it need to be that way? What if working in Idaho was awesome, and something that you loved? Where should someone look if they wanted to work for a company where people love their job?

That’s what POPULUS, a third-party research firm, looks to answer every year when they compile their Best Places To Work in Idaho™ list. Each year a survey goes out to participating micro (10-19 employees), small (20-99 employees) and large (100+ employees) businesses in Idaho. Employees are able to fill the survey out anonymously and provide their honest opinions on their employers. The survey asks about work/life balance, workplace environment, compensation and benefits, employee growth, development and overall organizational management. Once all the data has been collected, a list of the top 10 employers is announced. This year, finalists were honored and celebrated at the awards ceremony on April 16 at Boise State University in the Stueckle Sky Center.

10 of us from MetaGeek were able to attend the event. Everyone enjoyed the ceremony, the food and most of all, the view. Craig, our HR director explains,

“It was great. We were in the Stueckle Sky Center so the view was amazing, and we were able to get a picture with the blue turf in the background.”

From top left: Woody, Skay, Ryan, Craig, Maryn, Mike, and Lisa. From the bottom left: Marissa, Holli and Jay

From top left: Woody, Skay, Ryan, Craig, Maryn, Mike, and Lisa. From bottom left: Marissa, Holli and Jay

For the past three years, MetaGeek has made the Best Places to Work in Idaho Top 10 list, continuing to move up the ladder each year. After getting 6th last year, we’re proud to announce that we’ve moved into 3rd place for 2015! With perks including our vacation incentive plan,“You’ve got Plenty” paid time-off policy, and tuition reimbursement, it’s easy to see why. Lael, who’s been working at MetaGeek since 2011 states,

“The workplace perks are great, but it’s the attitude behind those perks that make me feel valued as an employee. The theory is that if MetaGeek provides you with any tool, book, paid vacation, snacks, etc. that you need to succeed, they trust that you will turn out amazing work. And because of that mutual trust, amazing work does get done around here.”


CEO, Ryan Woodings showing off award for 3rd Best Place to Work in Idaho

Our CEO, and Co-Founder of MetaGeek, Ryan Woodings, received the award on behalf of MetaGeek. He’s just another reason why we are one of the best places to work. Ryan, and our whole leadership team at MetaGeek, continue to develop and grow not only the company but employees. A big thanks to them for making MetaGeek one of the best places to work!

We are all very honored to be apart of a company that gets recognized for what makes us awesome.


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