In the News – Why Companies Are Moving Back Downtown

Governing Magazine recently published an article about why companies are moving back downtown and it featured MetaGeek!

Each semester, MetaGeek seeks the help of a handful of student interns from Boise State University. “Being 20 minutes away from campus,” Woodings says, “we could only get students who had a car and had certain class schedules.”

So MetaGeek did what a lot of companies are doing these days. It moved downtown. The student interns are now able to bike over to the office between classes. In the afternoons, MetaGeek employees can take walks on the nearby greenbelt that runs through town along the Boise River. If they want to bike home, the city runs a bicycle rental program and has an expanding network of dedicated bike lanes. “Downtown Boise is where everything is,” Woodings says. “When you have a lunch meeting, or get coffee with a client, it’s always downtown.”

Owyhee Building in Downtown Boise

MetaGeek did what a lot of companies are doing these days. It moved downtown. (Courtesy of the OWYHEE)

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Introducing Caitlyn Goetz, CWNA!

We are proud to announce that we have another CWNA (Certified Wireless Network Administrator) at MetaGeek! While Caitlyn wears a lot of hats at MetaGeek, she splits her time between being a Quality Assurance intern for us with working on her Computer Science degree.

Our newest CWNA!

How To: RF Site Surveys

At some point in your job, you’ll need to deploy a WLAN network. Don’t be fooled by equipment that states it is ‘self-configuring’ or ‘auto-negotiating’. Wi-Fi is very complex, and dozens of variables can affect the success of your network. A site survey is a crucial component in ensuring that these systems will work effectively in your WLAN deployment.

Why is an RF site survey so important?site survey thumbnail

Site surveys are often the most important steps in a WLAN design, since the information gathered will be used to estimate not only how much equipment, cabling or power is required for the WLAN, but also where best to place the access points.

Maybe you’re new to site surveys; maybe you’ve been doing it for years and need some tips on how to do it better. Either way, the MetaGeek RF Site Survey guide will help you get the job done, so you can pull off a kick-ass Wi-Fi deployment the first time around.

To download this free Site Survey Guide, click here: